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Detailansicht für den Gegenstand Micpower ext.Phantomspeisung[1] (Id: 1083)

Gruppe Mikrofonzubehör
Typ Micpower ext.Phantomspeisung      
Hersteller Whirlwind

Whirlwind MICPOWER - Phantom Power Supply

Whirlwind Mic Power is a high quality electret-condenser microphones in direct-to-recorder applications or with mixers lacking phantom power, the MicPower provides a quality portable source of 12-18V phantom power that is DC blocked at the output to protect direct-coupled active mic preamps.
The MicPower operates on two standard alkaline 9V batteries (not included) and features a "BATT OK" LED.

Input Impedance 5K Ohm
Output Impedance 150 Ohm

Power Requirements: (2) 9V batteries or 48V phantom
Battery Life: approximately 50 hours continous operation @ 4m current draw

Inventarnummer 4495

Gegenstand kann von folgenden Gruppen ausgeborgt werden:

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Audio - Audio BMT ab 3. Semester - Audio BMT ab 3. Semester
Audio - Audio MDM - Audio MDM
Audio - Audio Lehrbeauftragte - Audio Lehrbeauftragte
Audio - Forschung - Forschungsprojekte
Audio - SoniGait2 Forschung - KSt: 916135, ForschungsGmbH
Audio - Audio: Absprache m. Büchele - Audio: Absprache m. Büchele
Audio - Audio Assistenten - Audio Assistenten
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