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Detailansicht für den Gegenstand OCT Mic 5.1 Tree[] (Id: 5137)

Gruppe 3D-Equipment
Typ OCT Mic 5.1 Tree      
Hersteller selbstbau

OCT Surround: All surround miking techniques start with the classic stereo techniques as a reference point and augment from that point. One of the most venerable techniques is the Decca Tree, which was developed primarily for orchestral recording. The Decca Tree is essentially a spaced microphone pair with a center mic connected to a custom stand and suspended over the conductor. Decca Records, who had a long tradition of developing experimental recording techniques (which included surround sound and proprietary recording equipment), developed the Decca Tree in the 1950s as a compromise between the purist stereo pair and multi-mic arrays. Apart from the individual engineer’s choice of mics, it remains unchanged to this day and is still in use in film scoring/classical orchestral and opera recording as it produces a very spacious stereo image with good localization.

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