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Detailansicht für den Gegenstand Photography Fill Light MFL-06R[#2] (Id: 6101)

Gruppe Licht: Scheinwerfer
Typ Photography Fill Light MFL-06R      
Hersteller Moman
  • RGB Video Light in Pocket Full Aluminum alloy design with 1.4cm-thickeness, which already includes the battery inbuilt. Compared to the traditional RGB panel light that requires a whole set of tools and extra batteries, you could just put the MFL-06R RGB video light inside the pocket for daily shooting.
  • Brightness Powerful and Dimmable Tiny size it is, yet with 150 LED beads and max output to 12W, MFL-06R RGB light is good enough for daily shooting. Meanwhile, the maximum brightness is 2140Lux (0.3m) when 2500K color temperature and 3500Lux (0.3m) when 8500K. Also dimmable from 0% to 100%, it is adapted to different filming scenes.
  • 3200mAh built-in Battery for long time filming With a 3200mAh built-in lithium battery, MFL-06R light has long run time of 100% brightness for 140 mins and 5% brightness for 24 hours. A Type-C charging port inbult under QC 2.0 standard suits voltage from 5V to 12V. A full charge can take as little as 2 hours (Super charge plug required & not included).
  • Finest Tuned Full Color with 100% Saturation Adjustment With MFL-06R under HSI mode, you can get a 0°-360° full color range with Saturation adjustment from 0% to 100% for each color, that gives you options of even the finest tuned color to match different scenes.
  • Play your Color Effects with just a button Switch bewteen 9 scenes under three categories in SCENE Mode, you can get effects such as Ambulance Light, Flash Light or Candle Shading light with one-click ,instead of complicated computer programing.
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